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Connecting Boulder County's LGBTQ Community Since 1994


Family building


I have been practicing in the area of GLBT family rights and protection since the early 1990’s. My practice has included adoptions and assisted reproductive technology (ART) law, both of which areas have changed radically over the past 26 years.


Currently, the following options are available to gay and lesbian couples who have children together.

Building a family


I have been in the field of human reproduction for almost 30 years. During that time there have been advancements in the field that have led to increased pregnancy and take home baby rates. But that isn't all that has changed. The stigmatism around same sex couples having and raising children has begun to lift. I am excited by this change and proud to be a part of it.



I started interning with Out Boulder two months ago when my dear friend from Naropa University referred me to their organization. I applied online and received a response almost immediately from the Volunteer Coordinator, Nate George, who welcomed me on board within the following week. My first day volunteering was similar to being adopted into a quaint, loving family.

Out Boulder County to Open Longmont Location


It's time to support Out Boulder County in a BIG Way!  We've secured an additional office on Main Street in Longmont. We’ve also changed our name to Out Boulder County to better reflect the work we do in support of the mission of the organization.

Serving Homeless LGBTQ Youth in Longmont


Home O' Hope was founded in 2008 from the combined passions of two therapists in the Boulder community, SE Rafferty, LPC, LAC and Amy Winchester, MA, LPC. Both women have similar experience working within the Department of Human Services and Foster Care systems in Boulder and Denver. Before coming together on Home O' Hope, they had independently worked with LGBTQ kids who were struggling with their identities within the system.

Violence and Visibility: A Transgender Retrospective for 2015


This past year has been an unprecedented year of visibility for the transgender community. Janet Mock started her show on MSNBC, the first in history hosted by a transgender person. We also saw trans people honored by awards, shown in film, portrayed on TV, and we even saw our stories told to the next generation through children's books.

Mardi on why giving matters


I'm grateful:
Grateful for this lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community,
Grateful for our volunteers,
Grateful for our community partners,
Grateful for our allies,
Grateful for our board,
And grateful for you!

Dave Ensign: Local Legend


Dave Ensign will be the recipient of this year’s Boulder County AIDS Project Local Legends award for his decades of service to the LGBTQ community in Boulder. He was on the Out Boulder Board for 5 years (Treasurer for 3 years and President for 1 year). Dave has also been the President of the BCAP Board for 2 years, and still hosts Out Boulder’s yearly Garden Party fundraiser, which has continued to be one of our most important events of the year.

Out Boulder Launches Transgender Visibility Campaign


In a concerted effort to add additional trans* voices to the public conversation about transgender identities and realities, Out Boulder is launching a Trans* Visibility Bus Board Campaign the week of September 7, 2015. This campaign is modeled after a similar effort conducted in Washington DC in 2012.

The Birth of Sissy Sangha - A Conscious Queer Community


“SEA LEVEL IS FOR SISSIES” stared me in the face as I sat behind a blue Subaru waiting for a red light to change on the border of Boulder and Louisville. I could feel my blood pressure rising as my hands gripped tightly to my steering wheel. I started to notice the string of thoughts running through my head.