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By Shawn Fettig

LGBTQ+ Support Group


Out Boulder's Coming Out Support Group has broadened to an LGBTQQ Support Group.  The group provides a supportive space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer and questioning folks ages 18 and up to share their experiences.  

This support group provides an opportunity to give and receive peer support around issues like depression, anxiety, relationships, coming out, and substance use and is supported by two peer facilitators with background and training in group facilitation. Whether you are questioning, just coming out or have been out for decades, you are welcome!  

Meet Sam Maroney, Speaking Out



Garden Party 2015 Award Winners


Congratulations to Sara Staley, Bethy Leonardi, and Hillary Hall, winners of our 2015 Garden Party Awards!  These awards will be presented at our Annual Garden Party on May 31st.  More information here: www.outboulder.org/gardenparty2015 

Bethy and Sara have spent the last 3 years producing, piloting, and launching their nonprofit training group for schools, called A Queer Endeavor. Their films and subsequent trainings are changing the lives of LGBTQ youth across Boulder County and beyond.

Colorado QuitLine


Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Adults and Tobacco's Burden in Colorado In Colorado as a group, Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual* adults smoke at about 2X THE RATE of heterosexual adults. The harassment, discrimination and social stress this group often faces contribute to its tobacco use.

Meet Brett!


Hello to my Boulder County LGBTQ extended family.  My name is Brett Kennedy and I am a psychologist who moved to Boulder a few years ago from NYC.  The mountains were calling and my husband and I were eager to leave the concrete jungle behind us.  Most of our friends and colleagues thought we were crazy to be gay and to leave NYC for a “small town” that doesn’t even have a gay bar!  It is easy to take a lot for granted in NYC and it was hard to argue that we would not feel the loss of a large, diverse LGBTQ community that is ripe with resources and services--- but to presume that a communit

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Award Nominations Now Open - Until April 10


Nomination deadline: April 10. Awards will be presented at our Annual Garden Party onSunday, May 31.

Transmisogyny session at Transforming Gender Conference: March 13-14


My journey to my trans identity was fraught with self-hatred, doubt, fear, and shame.  During that journey, I attended my first Transforming Gender Conference as a male-identified ally of trans* people.  It was the first time I had ever thought about my identity critically, and the first time I was exposed to other trans* people in a real way.  I saw trans women as murder victims on TV and knew who Chaz Bono was, but beyond that, my trans* knowledge was virtually non-existent.  

Full Moon Snowshoe to Lost Lake, Indian Peaks Wilderness


Friday, March 6, 2015: GLS Hike - Full Moon Snowshoe to Lost Lake, Indian Peaks Wilderness