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Book Drive for Sexual Minorities Uganda
Boulder, CO
David Ensign
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David Ensign
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303 589 7783
Repeats every day until Thu Sep 20 2012 .
Wednesday, June 20, 2012 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm
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LGBT Uganda Book Drive

A project in partnership with Sexual Minorities Uganda Group (SMUG)

June 20-September 16, 2012

Drop Boxes at Out Boulder Pride House and the home of Dave
Ensign (more locations may follow)

Donate books on LGBT subjects, and make a difference in
the lives of people in Uganda!


Uganda is one of the most difficult countries for LGBT
people, lagging behind the rest of the world in cultural acceptance of
differences in sexual orientation and gender identity.  The government has
been imposing oppressive and inhumane laws that discriminate against Uganda's
LGBT citizens, often putting them in grave danger.  The Infamous
"Kill The Gays" bill is, incredibly, still being debated in Uganda's

In the face of immense challenges, Sexual Minorities Uganda
Group (SMUG) has been bravely fighting for the rights Uganda's LGBT population.
 This Kampala-based organization does advocacy and lobbying work,
coordinates diverse organizations to further social justice, conducts education
programs, and much more.  SMUG’s
website is

Dave Ensign with the women of BeadforLife



Dave Ensign recently traveled to Uganda with BeadforLife (, a Boulder-based
organization that works to bring women out of poverty.  During his trip he had many inspiring
experiences, including the privilege of meeting the dedicated staff at SMUG.

SMUG has created a library where Ugandan people can access books
about a wide range of LGBT subjects. 
But such books are difficult to come by in Uganda.

This is how we in Boulder County can help! 

Please join us in a book drive to populate SMUG’s library by
donating your used books on LGBT subjects.  Drop off books at the PrideHouse <during working hours,
or in a box on the back porch> , or at Dave Ensign’s home at 4020 Evans Drive (box on
front porch).  Your books can go
from gathering dust to making a huge difference in the lives of Ugandans on the
front lines of the battle for acceptance.

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