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Adult Children of Alcoholics, Addictions, Educational Support Group ~ ACOA

Adult Children of Alcoholics, Addictions, Educational Support Group ~ ACOA

An educational and therapeutic environment for people who grew up or are living in a household with substance abuse or other dysfunction (alcohol, addiction, or mental illness). Regardless of the dysfunction, an individual adapts to an environment and acquires behaviors and traits to create safety that later present as maladaptive. This support group offers participants a safe place to be with other people with similar household qualities. With the support of this community, participants can be themselves, overcome any denial or secrets he or she has held, share thoughts and emotions, and learn more about the dynamics of living in environments with substance abuse, coping strategies for life’s challenges and the current affects of having grown up in this environment. Together, we learn that we are not alone, identify characteristics of ourselves that kept us alive, and how those characteristics show up in our relationships today. We learn alternative ways to conflict resolution, discover boundaries, how to maintain healthy relationships, our identity, and how to vocalize what we are experiencing and what we want.

Details: Begins March 8th, 2017, 15 sessions ~ 7:15 pm – 8:45 pm, ~ Fee: $450 ($30/session) ~ Meet at BC3 on 28th & Arapahoe ~ Additional details at www.evolveinnature.com  To register or ask questions, email Shelly: evolveinnature@gmail.com

Who attends? Individuals who grew up or currently live in a home with substance abuse or dysfunction. If you resonate with any of these characteristics you probably fit in with us:

- Lack of boundaries

- Depression / Anxiety

- Struggles to play with their own children

-Substance abuser yourself, and/or married one or employ some other addiction to numb out the abandonment feelings: work, computer, food, chocolate, sex

-Afraid of angry individuals and/or personal criticism

-No idea of what normal behavior is

-May have an over-developed quality of responsibility

-Tells lies

-More concerned about others than one’s Self

-Constantly seeking approval

-Extremely loyal even when it is unreasonable

-Impulsive behaviors

-Constantly seeking approval and unsure of one’s own identity

-Feel tremendous guilt after standing up for one’s Self

-Love people you feel sorry for and want to rescue them

-Self-judging, self critical, and low self-esteem

-Tight grip around relationships with tremendous fear of abandonment

-Tucked away painful feelings and experiences from childhood and have not released them because they hurt so bad



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