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LGBTQ Training with Out Boulder County


Out Boulder County offers trainings on a variety of LGBTQ issues, including workplace diversity, transgender issues, supporting LGBTQ students, sexual health, and more!

Our most popular training is our LGBTQ 101 training, which covers appropriate language around gender and sexuality, information about transgender identities, tips on how you can be an ally to LGBTQ customers/clients/co-workers, and practical scenarios customized to fit your needs. This presentation is an hour and a half.

Current Trainings:

LGBTQ 101 - This engaging and interactive presentation covers current LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) language, pronouns, and common allyship mistakes that you may have never realized. Sara will discuss the current best practices for supporting LGBTQ people in schools, workplaces, and families. She will educate attendees about how the different aspects of identity, including gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. This session will also include scenarios to provide experiential, skills-based learning. Attendees do not need to have any prior knowledge of LGBTQ issues to attend. This session will prepare your business, school, or nonprofit to serve transgender clients/patrons, support transgender employees, and be up to date on providing services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer people.

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All trainings are conducted by our Education and Services Manager, Sara Connell.

Sara started her career as a community trainer while she was a student at CU Boulder. For three years, Sara presented about reducing stress, sexual health, and everything in between as a Student Coordinator in the Community Health department of Wardenburg Health Center.

Sara is a proud transgender woman who believes that everyone deserves access to open, accurate, and engaging conversations about sexuality, gender, and other issues of social equity. Her presentation style is engaging and dialogue-based, with scenarios and skills building to ensure you feel confident taking the knowledge you've gained out into the world and put it into practice.

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