Phone: 303-499-5777 (Boulder) & 720-600-4138 (Longmont)

Knitting Man is Boulder's gay men's knitting group. All knitting levels are welcome. A teacher will be on hand with yarn and needles to help you get started. Just bring $5 to cover the cost of supplies. If you're an experienced knitter bring your project and join us for an afternoon of good company and the magic of knitting!

Here's a note from our founder Jonathan.

I picked up the needles a few years ago after a life long curiosity
about knitting. My first project, a hat, never got off the ground. After
a weeks worth of frustrating attempts learning from a book I gave up.
Months later, I tried again, this time doing a simple scarf. It was a
disaster and is now worn by a dog but I'd been hooked. I knit 5 perfect
scarfs over the next few weeks and have been knitting nearly constantly
since. I met another male knitter on my path and he began to teach me
more advanced techniques. Between him and youtube, I've learned the
magic art of making a single stretch of wool form its self to any shape
imaginable. The engineering marvel that occurs when loops of thread form
complex designs continues to fascinate me as I make everything from
detailed scarves to intricate lace work. Along the way, I even
discovered spinning and have been making my own yarn for quite some

When it comes to developing the gay community, I think that average people
have something that I never have- a sense of normalcy by virtue of their
peers. The majority can quite easily find groups of people just like
them. Until this summer, I didn't know what community felt like. In my life, I felt completely isolated. Then I went to
Denver Pride. There were 250,000 gays there. For the first time in my
life, I felt what it was to be surrounded by support. I was not afraid
to be me. In fact I was encouraged to be me. Wanting to cultivate a
community of like minded individuals has nothing to do with excluding
others. It is about creating a place where I am safe because everyone
else has lived my story, where I am loved because they have been unloved
like me, where I am not tolerated by those who would like to understand
but embraced by those who've been there.

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