Phone: 303-499-5777 (Boulder) & 720-600-4138 (Longmont)

This is a group for teens seeking personal development. We will learn mindfulness skills that you can use in your everyday life. After learning a skill, the group will complete an activity designed to reinforce the skill. Activities will focus on team building, but will also include yoga and solo activities. You can plan on having fun while strengthening yourself!

The group will be ongoing throughout the year, but broken down into 6-week units. Each unit will have its own theme. You can join the group for one or all of the units!

To join the group, please call Kathleen Salmon at (908) 400-0311. 

Here is an overview of all 5 units:

Mindfulness: Strengthens one’s connection with self and increases awareness of the present.

Distress Tolerance: Develops the ability to tolerate and accept the reality of pain and crisis, reduces impulsivity and risk-taking.

Interpersonal Effectiveness: Increases skillful communication, conflict resolution skills and stability in relationships.

Emotion Regulation: Strengthens the ability to experience and manage emotions, reducing suffering and reactivity.

Walking the Middle Path: The middle path assists in learning the balance between acceptance and change. These skills particularly address family relationships.

These five units come from DBT, a series of skills that helps to navigate situations and express yourself, no matter the situation. 


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