Phone: 303-499-5777 (Boulder) & 720-600-4138 (Longmont)

On February 17th AND 18th at 7:30 PM the lovely ladies of The Schiff Dance Collective will present HOME. 
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Home is where the heart is. But what happens when your heart has no place to belong?
What is home? Is it a house? Is it a feeling? Is it you?
For some, home is a word that carries with it connotations of comfort, safety and peace. A place for you to fully relax, so profoundly familiar that you don't even notice it. For others, home is a desire to belong, a longing to reside fully in your body, a lifelong search to find where you are supposed to be.
How do you create home for yourself? How can you take the feeling with you, even when you leave the structure you reside?
For the first time ever, the dancers of The Schiff Dance Collective, under the guidance of Artistic Director Jenny Schiff, will fully choreograph and assist in producing an evening length show.

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theatre 119 Park Ave West Denver, Colorado
$20/ general admission $15/student or senior
For more info contact 720.771.2737

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