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Vox Feminista, Colorado’s beloved activist theater, is rising from a 5 year retirement to confront the Trumpocalypse in our new show, King Con: Strike and Resist!

How do we respond to the criminal activities of this unfurling horror that’s laid claim to our democracy? How do we begin to untie the knots of lies and corruption and re-weave our buried history, our deep toxic legacy of cultural spells and curses? When do we begin to face this historical funnel that’s hosing us down with the full weight of consequences, and why should we? 

Vox Feminista is here to ladle out defiant joy in dedication to collective well-being. We’re agents of Snapping-People-out-Of-It, here to celebrate the power-to-protect that’s rising up in America. We bring you this new show as a social service from a tribe of public dreamers. 

We’ve returned to reclaim some old stories, and honor the fairy tales and myths that are still hovering. They never go away, they’re just on pause. And we’re here to press Play.

This show is, in part, about weaving and spinning threads, ropes and knots to showcase the ties that bind us in grief and celebration.

We celebrate with Denver’s Romero Theater Troupe, Artie Thompson, Norma Johnson, Laura Goldhamer, Splintered Light Theatre, The Platypussies, The Allied Witches, and Megan Falley, joining us.

Vox is Mona Estrada, Levi Arithson, Andryn Arithson, and Oak Chezar.

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